Unusual Gifts From Customers or Friends

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Unusual Gifts From Customers or Friends

I thought that this would be a fun topic to post about…

Working as a server for over 20 years in a strip bar, I have received other types of tips other than monetary. Money is obviously a waitress’s favorite, but I have also received fresh salmon, homemade baked goods, homemade jam, chocolates, fresh vegetables from a customer’s garden, dozens of roses sent to my work (and they weren’t from Rod), candles, Scratch and Win lottery tickets, bottles of wine, souvenirs from customers’ vacations, personal letters (some are strange) and a handful of screws (I’m not kidding) to name a few.

In my book, The Life of a Stripper, this is one question I have asked the girls in their interview. The answers you will read about will shock and amuse you.

Have you received any strange or unusual gift from someone? Post it here! I’m curious to know.


  1. I have had the enjoyment and fortune to have had Romana as one of my co workers for over 12 years and can honestly say she is one of the most solid down to earth and sincere people I have ever met … If your in a bind she will help you if she can. When she published her first book she donated part of the proceeds to the Christmas Hamper … During the annual Fundraiser she donates as all the staff do also to that cause .. a few years ago when I need some help in a beer garden You got it Ro was in !!! If you have never had the opportunity to meet her That’s ok but do take the time to read her books… You will be impressed and she doe’s know what she’s talking about… I am proud to say she is my friend.. So enough from me Get off yer duff and go buy her books There is a education out there and She has done her homework>>> Love ya Ro Your Buddy Tom

    • Tom,
      Thank you my friend! You know I’ve always got your back! xoxo

  2. I have to leave a few words about one of my regulars named Robert. He stops by the club twice a week to drop off homemade goodies for all the staff…fudge, cookies, muffins, fruit tarts, mincemeat tarts, macaroons, carrot cake, etc. It depends on what he feels like baking that week and stops by. He’s a sweet, quiet man who hangs out for an hour sipping on his diet coke and enjoys the atmosphere.
    It’s regulars like this who we are truly happy to see and treat like gold (and it’s not because he keeps us all well fed either!)
    He’s also one of a few regulars that always remembers my birthday every year and surprises me with a card and a carrot cake!
    Thank you Robert!

    Romana xoxo

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