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October 28, 2012… Book Reviewer Kimmie Thomas from SheReallySaidIt.com.                       3 1/2 Stars

January 5, 2013…    Book Reviewer Courtney Bauman from Bauman Book Reviews.                    5   Stars

February 25, 2013… Jennifer McCumber at  How-to-strip.com  LOVED “The Life of a Stripper”. If you’re an exotic dancer (or would like information on the subject), check out Jennifer’s informative website!


A very informative and juicy read! After over 10 years in this industry it was eye opening to read these women’s stories and get THEIR perspective of an industry that I knew only a small part of. Once you open this book make sure all appointments are cancelled because time will fly by.

Dave Shannon


Great book, easy read. Truly gives a person a much better perspective that not all dancers come from the same mold. Shocking and educational stories all rolled into one nice package!



This book offers a peek into the private world of the strong, beautiful women who have chosen to become Exotic Dancers.  Each unique, personal story in her own words!
A fascinating and eye opening read!



This is a very interesting read for everyone, but very beneficial to anyone who wants to get into the business. I love the idea of the life stories of dancers and reading this book. I have come to respect these women. Every story is different; some sad with a hard life and others with a good head on their shoulders, very driven women. It really takes you through their experiences and you realize that these girls have feelings, hopes and dreams like everyone else. I love it!



Romana’s Bouquet of flowers is a fascinating read. Just like the flowers they have chosen, each woman is different but still the same. Each has her own colors and characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Each grew differently. As you read you will find each is her own person but just like the rest of us, each is really two people. One, the person she is and two, the job she does. You will find they are not the stereotypes many would dismiss them as.
A book long over due and a look into a world which is misunderstood and pre judged.

Mr. L


Romana has done an amazing job getting these girls to open up to her. You’re getting every thought, hope, regret and dream from each of the dancers. Great insight into a profession that most times is greatly misunderstood. A great read!

Mike M
Business Owner


There’s a reason that tabloid magazines sell by the millions; other people’s lives are very interesting! Romana takes this to an ultimate level by using the real life stories and struggles of exotic dancers. Who wouldn’t get hooked on reading these confessions!

Alisa Clarke
Owner of Horsd’oovers


“The first story I read surprised me–it was so moving and heartwarming! Not everyone’s tale is like that, but I appreciated the dancers’ candid sharing. Enlightening.”



This book is the most inner look into the life of a “stripper” and the intimate details of how they began their profession of exotic entertainment. The saying “never judge a man before you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” rings true in these wonderfully illustrated stories. Whatever thoughts you may have had before about this line of work, I guarantee it will change your point of view.

Server for over 10 years


‘Put your handkerchiefs away – you won’t need them. While some of the dancers who give us a glimpse into their lives here have undoubtedly suffered a few hard knocks along the way, as a group they are a bunch of tough cookies. Young (mostly) and beautiful, they are making some of the best money of their lives, and rather than being desperate to escape exotic dancing, they are managing their careers and banking their earnings. An eye-opening read.

Cam Braithwaite
Retired musician


‘Love the background as told by each dancer. It reinforces that ‘everyone has a story’…if only we’d take the time to listen to it.’

Mother and homemaker


Van Lissum writes with frank honesty which will be appreciated by those looking to learn more about the exotic dance industry and the human condition alike. Her sincerity and empathy for her subjects and their personal stories is immediately apparent. There isn’t any sensationalism here, just a woman providing the straight goods on a profession not often examined from the inside out.

Clara Cole
Communications Expert


Romana has a writing style that I enjoy. It is light and fun; I always want to keep reading. There is enough substance to make me coming back to it. A reference, if you like. Discussing exotic dancers is certainly a topic of interest to me. Some say they are artists and others disagree. Some strippers are natural dancers, some well trained dancers, some natural entertainers and some are disappointing. They have good days and bad days (as do we all).

When you see a good dancer who has good training and is a natural entertainer on her best day, you will have no doubt that you have had artistic experience. They are truly a joy to behold.

I highly recommend this book to you. Learning more about these artists is certainly worthwhile. Read this book with an open mind. Enjoy it. Give a copy to a friend. I will!

Roger G. Welch
Former President
Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Arts Council


If you want a real inside look at the world of exotic dancing… well look no further. You’ve found it! A lot of people think the dance world is what they see in movies, on TV or music videos. But the truth is NOTHING like what you think you know. There are dancers from all walks of life; all ages, races and sizes. Some are mothers, students, artists, business owners…. the list goes on.

This is an excellent read for anyone interested in learning about the people involved in the exotic dance industry.

Miss Rosa
Exotic dancer


“The Life of a Stripper” has opened my eyes to such a misunderstood world. To know that these women are just as vulnerable, wise and “normal” as anybody else should be common knowledge. It must take a ton of street smarts to handle such a hard job. The artistic licence that Romana has handed to them is the best way to tell all these different stories and perspectives. The samples I have read leave me itching for more! I can’t wait to secure my own copy!

Judy Chung
Lab Assistant, UBC


Enormous and brilliant… crammed with characters unbelievably alive. Touches all human emotions; love, hate, hope and despair. See for yourself. This is truly a book to get lost in.

Business Owner


Wow! What an incredible read! Fascinating to get a peek into people’s lives and their different journeys that have led them to the world of exotic dancing. A profession we often look upon with great judgement. Some stories make you smile, while others truly make you cry. Thank you Romana for putting this together. Your book is a real eye opener.

Ronaye Ireland
Author of, “How to find trouble free horse boarding, even if you’re new to horses”


What amazing stories! I worked with Romana in the strip bar industry for 8 years and met some amazing girls and lifelong friends. Ro your stories are funny, heartwarming and some are truly heartbreaking. Good job friend!

Kimberly Williams
Hair Stylist


Very compelling stories! The more stories I read, the more I realized that all the dancers want is the same as anyone…the best they can do for their families and themselves. They all lead lives that are different than mine and that is what makes this book so interesting and hard to stop reading!



I have had the joy of working with Romana for nearly 8 years, serving in the same exotic show lounge. I was so excited when Ro first told me her idea. The anticipation has been killing me while I’ve watched her interview several dancers after shift over the past couple of years. I know many of the girls in this book personally and to see the sharing their intimate stories is touching. Everyone is curious to know about the ‘life of a dancer,’ and in this book, Romana has executed that wonderfully.

Katherine Romero-Blackwell
Server for 8 years


Romana manages to move us in this truly powerful and provocative collaboration of engaging stories. Think of it as a Chicken Soup for the Exotic Dancer’s Soul. It’s depth of inspiration and intelligence is an admirable book you have never read before.

Sarah Lawrence